Bottle Cap Crafts

Have you been noticing bottle cap jewelry, keychains or fridge magnets lately? Are you wondering just how in the world bottle caps are used to create such unique handmade items??

Here's an article with lots of photos to inform and inspire you! Learn how to create your own bottle cap necklaces, refrigerator magnets, handmade gifts, scrap embellishments and more.

Basic Bottle Cap Crafting Supplies

Bottle Caps, E6000 Glue, 1" Diameter Paper Punch, 1" Clear Epoxy Dots, any 1" circle design.

Choosing a Design for Your Bottle Cap

Bottle Cap Co. Bottle Cap Images are a good place to start of course! :0)
But, there are lots of other options to help you get inspired also: old calendars, scrap book paper and embellishments, old children's books, dictionaries and magazines, stickers, cut out letters, children's art (especially for filling over size bottle caps).

Getting Started

Punch Your Design, Then Glue It To Your Cap

Just a thin coating of E6000 Glue or whatever adhesive you prefer.

*If you don't own a 1 Inch Round Paper Punch it also works well to adhere the Clear Epoxy Dot to your image and then use scissors to cut out around it. Very simple... unless you are making lots of items! Your hand may get a little tired :0)

Adhere the Epoxy Dot to Your Paper Design

Bottle Cap Co. offers Premium Epoxy Dots and Standard Epoxy Dots.
The difference is in the price and quality. Premium never yellow or harden and are made in
the USA. Standard dots will eventually yellow and harden and are made in China.
Standard epoxy dots are half the price of Premium Epoxy Dots - perfect for kid's parties
and jewelry.

Hot Pink Flattened Bottle Cap Design

Ready to be transformed into a magnet, keychain, scrap embellishment, necklace pendant, handmade card embellishment...

Bottle Cap Craft and Jewelry Ideas

Bottle cap craft and jewelry items make great personalized handmade gifts. Add photos, inspirational sayings, team logos, family monograms, dates or any other content to make your bottle cap item a unique, thoughtful gift for someone you love.

To me one of the coolest things about bottle caps is that they offer great fundraiser opportunities. Bottle caps make quality, but inexpensive craft and jewelry items that can be sold for double, triple or even quadruple the cost of making them. Items like bottle cap necklaces, key chains, magnets, earrings and more are perfect for fundraising efforts and events or even as inexpensive giveaways to promote awareness for your cause.

Call us if you need any help figuring out how to make bottle caps work for your next fundraiser.


Adding an Image to the Top of Your Cap

Apply a Thin Layer of Glue to the Top of the Cap

Press your design onto the cap (epoxy dot has already been adhered to the design).
Move the design around the top of the cap until the glue is spread to all the edges of the cap and paper.

Apply Pressure to the Edges as the Glue Dries

As the glue dries and gets tackier press down on the edges of the design as shown here to form the epoxy dot to the very slight dome of the cap. If you want a clean seal to the cap you'll want to continue pressing the edges down over the next 5 or 10 minutes as the glue dries. The thinner the paper that your design is printed on, the quicker it will conform to the surface of the cap.

*Don't worry if some glue is smeared on the sides, like I've shown above, after it dries it will be easy to rub off with your fingers.

Ta Da! A Sweet Vintage Story Book Inspired Bottle Cap

Make it into a key chain, necklace or bookmark for the beautiful girl in your life.

If the design was on the inside of the cap it could also make a great bottle cap magnet for a shabby chic or vintage looking message board.

Or if used as a necklace or key chain the inside design could include an inspirational saying or a photo!

Epoxy Stickers and Bottle Caps

Pick your sticker.
Pick your bottle cap.
So much fun to mix and match!

Browse Bottle Cap Co's Epoxy Sticker Sets to simplify your craft time even more.

*Flattened black and white lace pattern bottle cap (left)
*Chrome bottle cap (right)

Clear Acrylic Cabochons & Gems

Use 3D Crystal Lacquer underneath the design to glue it in the cap.
Then use a thin layer on top of the design to glue in the cabochon.
It will dry clear!

*Acrylic Gems*
A 1" Saphire Acrylic Gem in a chrome bottle cap is shown above and below. Acrylic Gems and Cabochons come in 1" and 1/2" sizes to fit perfectly in standard bottle caps and mini bottle caps.


Perfect for kids jewelry, bottle cap key chains, charms, flip flop bling, flower centers, hair bows and more...

Seal Your Bottle Cap Design with 3D Crystal Lacquer

Glue the image to the cap with 3D Crystal Lacquer. If you don't glue the image down first it will most likely float to the top after you fill the cap.

Flood the cap with 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Tilt cap from side to side until the surface of the design is covered evenly.

The thicker the application the longer it takes to dry completely.

A thin layer will dry within 30 minutes to an hour.

If you were to completely flood the cap 24 hours is usually enough but it may take up to 3 days to dry completely depending on the climate.


Pop any bubbles that appear as the Lacquer dries with a pin or even a toothpick.

3D Crystal Lacquer dries completely clear.

3D Crystal Laquer is water based so although it dries hard and clear it is NOT water proof.

Using Found Objects

Would you like your designs to include some 3D items like charms, buttons or scrap embellishments? Use 3D Crystal Lacquer to seal them up. Again, watch for bubbles as the Lacquer dries.

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to learn how to make specific bottle cap crafts like bottle cap necklaces or bottle cap magnets or bottle cap Christmas and photo ornaments check out our Craft Blog here:

Have fun creating and feel free to call, email or leave a comment for us with any bottle cap craft and jewelry questions you may have!

Reader Comments

Date 6/21/2012 1:19:06 PM
Do you sell the polka dot bottle cap that is in the last picture?
Date 6/21/2012 5:10:35 PM
Yes it's part of the an assortment of black and white patterns. You can see it here: Thanks for asking!
Date 7/19/2012 6:00:20 PM
Tammy Motley
Is there a trick to getting the epoxy dots off and on your project with out getting finger prints on them? Silly question.
Date 9/14/2012 9:23:34 AM
Hi Tammy! Which epoxy dots are you using? Usually they come off easily like a sticker. You could try tweezers?
Date 1/9/2013
Ann Greenspan
Why do my digital images look cloudy after covering them with an epoxy dot?
Date 1/10/2013
Rhonda Pasfield
Hi do you have any shipping prices to australia regards Rhonda Pasfield
Date 6/13/2013
I have tried this project and I have the same glue, dots, and caps but everytime I glue the project to the cap it gets ruined. When it dries there is a spot where the glue went through the paper and ruined the deisgn. Is there a perticular paper I need to use or any suggestions to fix this?
Date 6/13/2013
Hi Faith, I have two suggestions for you. First, be sure you're using glossy photo paper, it's a thicker quality than regular printer paper. Printer paper is too thin for the glue. Secondly, Make sure you're only using a small amount of glue. It only takes a little bit to hold the image down. :)
Date 10/28/2013
Hi....I wondering how to get rid of the smell of beer from bottle caps? I soaked them in dish liquid and hot water
Date 3/22/2014
Date 3/24/2014
Hi Linda, We definitely recommend using E-6000 glue which can be found right here on our site. This glue is a very strong hold and works very well with any of our bottle caps!
Date 6/14/2014
Ashley Lippman
Hello! I am having a bit of trouble with the epoxy dots. I am using matte cardstock paper, which I printed and cut into circles with a hole punch. However, once I adhere the epoxy dots to the image, I notice a lot of small bubbles, and an uneven surface - almost like there is condensation or moisture in between the epoxy sticker and the image. It is causing me quite concern, as it doesn't make the image look as clear as it could. Do you know how to fix this or prevent it from happening? Thanks! - Ashley
Date 6/17/2014
Thank you for the question Ashley. I would definitely recommend glossy photo paper when printing your own images if you would like your image to look as clear as possible. Matte papers sometimes have texture or fibers in the surface which keep the dots from adhering completely to the surface.
Date 7/30/2014
Emily, The adhesive is clear and shouldn't cause you any problems.
Date 7/30/2014
Emily Miller
Hello! What is the trick to not seeing the adhesive from the epoxy sticker on the image?
Date 9/29/2015
Hi i was wondering if these with the epoxy dome are water proof thanks for your time!!
Date 9/29/2015
Chadwick (Bottle Cap Co)
Cassie, they aren't water proof. Water resistant, probably, but not water proof.
Date 10/14/2015
Michelle Pena
I have a question. I have an old program that does not come with 1" inch round templates. Can you please tell me what you use to print out your round images. I need to up date my software and would love to know. Thank you.
Date 10/14/2015
Michelle Pena
I have a question. I have an old program that does not come with 1" inch round templates. Can you please tell me what you use to print out your round images. I need to up date my software and would love to know. Thank you.
Date 10/14/2015
Michelle Pena
I have a question. I have an old program that does not come with 1" inch round templates. Can you please tell me what you use to print out your round images. I need to up date my software and would love to know. Thank you.
Date 10/15/2015
Hello Michelle! We use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create our designs. Thanks for the question!
Date 11/17/2015
Chadwick (Bottle Cap Co)
Erica, we can't guarantee that they would be waterproof, but your best bet would be to seal the image using 3D Crystal Lacquer. See the example towards the bottom of the page titled "Seal Your Bottle Cap Design with 3D Crystal Lacquer."
Date 11/17/2015
Hi, we want to make some of these but need them to be waterproof. What should we use? Thank you :)
Date 12/3/2015
Hello! I'm curious how to rid the bottlecaps of the smell of the epoxy glue!! Does it just take time? Or is there a faster way. It's very strong!!
Date 12/4/2015
Hi... Could you please tell me the steps to turn a 4/6 photo into one I can use for the bottle cap using Photoshop? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
Date 12/7/2015
Chadwick (Bottle Cap Co)
Stacia, just leave them in a space where they can breathe and have a chance to air out is the only thing I can think to do.
Date 12/7/2015
Chadwick (Bottle Cap Co)
Stephanie, call our number (1-800-640-9978) and ask for Wende. She can walk you through the process.

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