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DIY Bottle Cap Musical Instrument

Learn how to make this easy, fun bottle cap shaker instrument!

Oversize Bottle Cap Christmas Ornaments

DIY Oversize Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament ideas and inspiration. Lots of photos and tips included in this DIY crafty Christmas ornament article!!

Spider Kids Craft

If you're looking for a fun and new craft idea for your kids for Halloween, look no further!

Kids Halloween Jewelry Craft

Halloween themed necklaces just for kids!

How to make Bottle Cap Magnets

Easy Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial

DIY Bottle Cap Necklace

Learn how to make your very own bottle cap necklace with this bottle cap necklace photo tutorial. Bottle cap jewelry is fun and funky and has so many possibilities! Today I'll stick to the basics!

Secret Message in a Bottle

Secret Message in a Bottle Craft: Here's a super creative way to use inexpensive Wood Bingo Chips to create a handmade Valentine's Day gift!

Bottle Cap Ring Party!

Bottle Cap Rings for your next party craft!

Letter Press Block Photos & Inspiration

Lots of photos and ideas to pin, share and get inspired!

Bottle Cap Flip Flops!

Bottle cap flip flops! Customize, personalize, add some bling, support your favorite team. This is an easy bottle cap craft, perfect for summer fun, birthday parties and sporting events.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Magnet Necklace

Learn how to make magnetic interchangeable bottle cap choker necklaces with our photo tutorial. Bottle cap necklaces are perfect for birthday parties, teens and tweens. You pick the image, you decide the style, from princess to punk and everything in between.

Bottle Cap Cupcake Toppers

Make bottle cap cupcake toppers! Supply list and creative inspiration.

Super Jumbo Photo Magnets

Learn how to make Super Jumbo Bottle Cap Photo Magnets.