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Mother's Day DIY Idea Blog

Simple, personalized and beautful Mother's Day Gift Idea

Vintage Bottle Cap Craft and Jewelry Ideas

Here's a photo list of all kinds of vintage bottle cap crafts, accessories and jewelry.

DIY: Vintage Bottle Cap Message Board

Create a fun project for your home with just a few items!

Christmas Crafts & Gift Ideas

Looking for some great DIY Christmas crafts and gift ideas? We've got lots of finished product ideas to help you get a jump start on all your Christmas crafting!

DIY Fall Craft Home Decor Inspiration

Craft inspiration to jump start your Fall home decorating and crafting!

DIY: MOM Letter Press Block Photo Home Decor

Bet you've never seen a custom photo craft project like this one!

Letter Press Block Photos & Inspiration

Lots of photos and ideas to pin, share and get inspired!

DIY: ZOE Letter Press Block Home Decor

You'll have fun with a hammer and nails in this simple DIY home decor project using bottle caps and 5" Wooden Letter Press Blocks from

DIY: Letter Press Block Nursery Decor

Bottle Caps and large wooden letter press blocks make a sweet, simple handmade baby shower gift

DIY: BATH Letter Press Block Home Decor

5" Large Letter Press Block Home Decor. These blocks are so cool! Here's a simple DIY for creating custom word home decor.

DIY: Name Letter Press Home Decor

This easy 5 step blog will show you how to cover your Letter Press Block Letters with scrapbook paper to create a nostalgic piece of home decor with a creative update.

DIY: Vintage Bottle Cap Giant Letter

This project is perfect for home or room decorations, the possibilities are endless!

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Here's a little inspiration to help get you started on all your Valentine's day crafts.