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Vintage Bottle Cap Craft and Jewelry Ideas

Here's a photo list of all kinds of vintage bottle cap crafts, accessories and jewelry.

Kids Halloween Jewelry Craft

Halloween themed necklaces just for kids!

How to Make Bottle Cap Necklaces

Easy Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial

DIY Bottle Cap Necklace

Learn how to make your very own bottle cap necklace with this bottle cap necklace photo tutorial. Bottle cap jewelry is fun and funky and has so many possibilities! Today I'll stick to the basics!

How To Use Our Split Ring Tool

Become an expert at using a split ring tool! Check out this short photo tutorial.

Linerless Chrome Bottle Caps

Linerless chrome bottle cap info and product specs just in case you need them :0) Video spotlight included!

Bottle Cap Ring Party!

Bottle Cap Rings for your next party craft!

Destiny Rescue & Bottle Cap Co.

Bottle Cap Co is teaming up with Destiny Rescue to help rescue young girls from human trafficking. Learn more about this amazing organization and get some tips about how to create beautiful necklaces in this photo packed article!

Mini Cap Ideas and Inspiration

New mini bottle caps...check out some fun ideas to help you get started!

How To Make A Bottle Cap Magnet Necklace

Learn how to make magnetic interchangeable bottle cap choker necklaces with our photo tutorial. Bottle cap necklaces are perfect for birthday parties, teens and tweens. You pick the image, you decide the style, from princess to punk and everything in between.

Bottle Cap Co. Design Challenge!

Check out the winning entries from our Bottle Cap Necklace Design Challenge!

Bottle Cap Beads

Spotlight on handmade bottle cap beads! Tips, photos and ideas for your jewelry making inspiration.

How Make Jewelry Loops

Want to add charms to your bottle cap necklaces or turn bottle cap beads into pendants? Follow this quick how to photo guide.