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How to Make Bottle Cap Necklaces

How to Make Bottle Cap Necklaces
Learn how to make bottle cap necklaces. It's fun! Bottle cap necklaces make an easy birthday party make n' take or take home gift. Customize them to your party theme. Add any design you'd like to that 1 inch diameter space. It's just waiting for you to fill it!

Bottle cap necklaces are also a great opportunity for fundraisers and cause awareness.

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STEP 1: Make your Bottle Cap Pendant

Here's where you have two options...
Option #1 is to buy the bottle cap pendant already made for you.
Option #2 is to create your own pendant. *Shown in the steps below.

STEP 2: Prepare Your Necklace

So, there are a couple options for adding the Split Ring to your Bottle Cap...
Option #1 is to use your finger nail and feed the coil of the Split Ring onto the cap. This works fine if you are only making a few necklaces, but if you're making lots of necklaces you might want to consider using the Split Ring Tool. And so of course...
Options #2 is to use the Split Ring Tool. It's pretty simple, it saves your fingernails and you can get really fast at it. There's a quick tutorial here if you'd like to see how to use a Split Ring Tool.

Once you've added your Split Ring (or Jump Ring) to your cap, feed the Ball Chain Necklace through the ring and you're all set. Now comes the fun part!

STEP 3: Punch Image, Adhere Epoxy Sticker, Glue Image to Bottle Cap

This could actually be three steps but they're so quick and simple that I'll combine them into one step with three pictures. I like pictures!

Punch Your Image
Use a 1" Circle punch or cut with scissors.

Adhere the Epoxy Dot sticker to the bottle cap image.
(Try to ignore my ugly, chipped nail polish. I've been making too many bottle cap necklaces! :0)

Glue the Bottle Cap Image into the Cap.
Make sure to let the glue dry for about 10 mins. If you are using E6000 just a very thin coat will work perfectly. It works best if you don't put glue all the way to the edges of the bottle cap because if it squishes out around the top of the Epoxy Dot, it can react with the Epoxy and do weird things to the image sometimes.


Bottle Cap Necklaces are durable, fun and inexpensive. Make them for sports teams, birthday parties, fundraisers or just for fun. Add sayings, scrap papers, logos... the possibilities are endless. Feel free to call our customer service line if you have any questions. 1-800-640-9978

Reader Comments

Date 7/18/2015
Vivian jamrs
I cannot locate the product bait tag that adheres to the top on the bottle cap that holds the chain or fish hook earring this is what I need to pirchase
Date 7/18/2015
Vivian james
I cannot locate the product bait tag that adheres to the top on the bottle cap that holds the chain or fish hook earring this is what I need to pirchase
Date 8/13/2015
Chadwick (Bottle Cap Co)
Vivian, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking about, but here's a link to the epoxy dots that cover the images ( and here's a link to the split rings that connect the bottle caps to the ball chain necklaces (

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