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Halloween Bottle Cap Crafts

Lots of bottle cap craft ideas and photos!

Spider Kids Craft

If you're looking for a fun and new craft idea for your kids for Halloween, look no further!

Kids Halloween Jewelry Craft

Halloween themed necklaces just for kids!

Mother's Day DIY Idea Blog

Simple, personalized and beautful Mother's Day Gift Idea

DIY Bottle Cap Musical Instrument

Learn how to make this easy, fun bottle cap shaker instrument!

Vintage Bottle Cap Craft and Jewelry Ideas

Here's a photo list of all kinds of vintage bottle cap crafts, accessories and jewelry.

Oversize Bottle Cap Christmas Ornaments

DIY Oversize Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament ideas and inspiration. Lots of photos and tips included in this DIY crafty Christmas ornament article!!

How to Make Bottle Cap Necklaces

Easy Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial

How to Make Bottle Cap Key Chains

Simple DIY Tutorial teaching how to make Bottle Cap Key Chains

How to make Bottle Cap Magnets

Easy Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial

Creative Customers

Creative craft and jewelry ideas from our wonderful customers.

DIY Bottle Cap Necklace

Learn how to make your very own bottle cap necklace with this bottle cap necklace photo tutorial. Bottle cap jewelry is fun and funky and has so many possibilities! Today I'll stick to the basics!

Bottle Cap Crafts

Just the basics!! Lots of photos and information to fill you in on the basics of bottle cap crafting!

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnets are simple and fun to make! Create a unique and thoughtful handmade gift for a friend or make them for your own fridge. Get creative, express yourself, have fun!!

Two Sided Black Bottle Caps

Find out what's so great about our new two sided black bottle caps!

How To Use Our Split Ring Tool

Become an expert at using a split ring tool! Check out this short photo tutorial.

DIY: Vintage Bottle Cap Message Board

Create a fun project for your home with just a few items!

Secret Message in a Bottle

Secret Message in a Bottle Craft: Here's a super creative way to use inexpensive Wood Bingo Chips to create a handmade Valentine's Day gift!

Linerless Chrome Bottle Caps

Linerless chrome bottle cap info and product specs just in case you need them :0) Video spotlight included!

Christmas Crafts & Gift Ideas

Looking for some great DIY Christmas crafts and gift ideas? We've got lots of finished product ideas to help you get a jump start on all your Christmas crafting!

DIY Fall Craft Home Decor Inspiration

Craft inspiration to jump start your Fall home decorating and crafting!

Bottle Cap Ring Party!

Bottle Cap Rings for your next party craft!

Using Alcohol Inks to Enhance your Projects

Alcohol Inks and Bottle Cap Co. supplies are a wonderful combination! Check out all this photo inspiration.

DIY: MOM Letter Press Block Photo Home Decor

Bet you've never seen a custom photo craft project like this one!

Letter Press Block Photos & Inspiration

Lots of photos and ideas to pin, share and get inspired!